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Route of 2 days - Cotețe Lake

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2 Zile
    Day 1
    Your trip will start from the moment you board our ship. On board you will be greeted by our staff. They will inform you about the program and the course that you will follow. After that you can go to the accommodation rooms. Once you are informed of the rules of the board, with your consent, the ship will leave the port of Tulcea.
    The ship will head towards Cotețe Lake. On it`s way the ship will stop so you can go on a boat trip. The trip will last for about 4 hours, time spent visiting famous lakes and surroundings. The trip will start with Tătarul Lake, followed by Craftsman`s Lake and the White Lake. Finally you reach Fool`s Lake, an A.R.B.D.D. strictly protected area.
    This areas have low and shallow characteristic specific to this delta. In the summer time this is a suitable nesting area for birds makeing it a real birdwatching heaven, especially in May. Because of its isolation, the lake provides the best conditions for spawning and growth of fish species specific to small lakes and shallow waters.
    At the end of your boatride you will get aboard of the ship by the Cotețe Lake. Here you will dine and spend the rest of the evening with music, dancing or anyother activitiy that you wish for.
    Day 2
    In the morning, after breakfast, the ship will head back to Tulcea on 36 Channel. This will take approximately 4-5 hours. Meanwhile you can go on a boatride visiting Cotețe Lake, Carp Lake and Piglet Lake. After that you will take the route of Trofilca Cahannel and to return to the ship that will wait for you on 36 Channel. This trip will take approximately 2 hours
    Your Danube Delta holidays will be over once you reach the port of Tulcea.
may be changed at your request. We can also organize fishing trips for those who want it.