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Proposal for a Route of 4 days around the Danube Delta, on Sulina branch

Nr Zile: 
4 Zile

     The First Day

     Your trip begins from the moment you climb aboard our ship. Here you will be greeted by our staff who will inform about the program, the path that you will follow and then take you to the accommodation rooms. After you have been informed of the rules of the ship, with your consent, the ship will leave the port of Tulcea. You will have lunch while the ship is moving towards Crisan Village.

     In the evening the ship will dock on the canal and you will dine here. The remaining of the day can be spent at will.


     The Second Day

     In the morning, after breakfast, you will start the day with a 5 hours boat ride, visiting Raducu and Răduleţ Lakes.

     The two lakes are part of the Joint Reservation Raducu - Raduculet , which is located at southeast of Letea Forest. It is a strictly protected area, consisting of freshwater lakes surrounded by marine sand banks with poor soils or poorly fixed and mobile areas, steppe grasslands or lowland areas with temporary water partially covered with floating vegetation. The reason that the lakes are protected is its a favorable breeding and feeding habitat for a diversity of fish species such as catfish, pike, perch, carp, bream, etc. Vegetation is typical for the eastern Delta lakes. The shores are covered with reed, the most common plants are reeds, rushes, sedges, water lilies, swamp thistle and white willow. Being a protected area there are several specific bird colonies. For a long time, the lake has been extensively used for geese nesting.

     At the end of the ride you will board the ship near the village of Crisan, where you will also have lunch. After that you continue boating for 4 hours, visiting various lakes like Ș Bogdaproste, Trei Iezere, Rădăcinos, etc .
Bogdaproste Lake is first visited. This is a great place for fishing pike.

     Trei Iezere Lake is very close to Bogdaproste. They are linked by a small canal. Both lakes presents a rich submerged vegetation. You can find here white lilies from place to place. Here you can see swans, cormorants, egrets, etc. Here you have the opportunity to take part in a fishing contest.

     The ride will end on Eracle canal where you will be boarding the ship. Here you will dine and you will spend the night in this place.


     The Third Day

     In the morning, after breakfast you will go on a boat ride on the Eracle Canal, visiting Matiţa Lake and Babina Lake. Following the trail of Rădăcinoaşele Canal, you will be visiting Batag monastery and ending your ride trailing Stipoc canal, returning to the ship. This ride will last for about 7hours.

     After returning on board you will have lunch and you can spend the rest of the time at leisure, enjoying the surroundings aboard while the ship goes to Mile 23. Here you will visit the village of Mile 23 and then you will board the boat to visit Ligheanca Lake, Vacarul Lake and Fortuna Lake. You will board the ship near Fortuna Lake where you will dine and spend the rest of the night.


     The Fourth Day

     In the morning, after breakfast, the ship will go toward Tulcea, taking the route of Sontea Canal. You will pass through an area of rare beauty, with reed, water lilies, willows, lakes that open on both sides of the canal, places hosting many species of birds.

     At the intersection of Şontea canal and 36 canal, you will go on a short ride by boat for about 2 hours to visit Cotete Lake  and Carasul Lake.

     Once returned to the ship, you will continue the route toward Tulcea.


     Your trip will be over once you reach Tulcea City.