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Proposal for a Route of 2 days around the Danube Delta, on St. George branch

Nr Zile: 
2 Zile

     The First day

     Your trip begins from the moment you climb aboard our ship. Here you will be greeted by our staff who will inform about the program, the path that you will follow and then take you to the accommodation rooms. After you have been informed of the rules of the ship, with your consent, the ship will leave the port of Tulcea. You will have lunch while the ship is moving towards the village of Uzlina.

     On your way to Uzlina the ship will stop near Litcov Canal, so you can go on a boat ride, while the ship continues its way. The ride will last for about 5 hours and you will visit the lakes: Round Lake, Roots Lake, Gorgova Lake, Horseshoe Lake, Gorgovat Lake, Isaac Lake and finally Uzlina Lake, meeting the ship near the village Uzlina.

     After returning to the ship, you will serve dinner and will spend the night in this place. The rest of the evening you can spend as you like with music, dance and other activities.


     The Second Day

     In the morning, after breakfast, you will leave for a short boat ride.

     On this last day of your trip you will spend your time around your loved ones while the ship goes toward Tulcea . The ride will be about 7 hours.


     Your trip will be over once you reach Tulcea City.